Abstraction is a subtil pictural language to purify the reality and let place to imagination

DYANI is an artist who overflows with imagination and who always seeks to explore mediums and techniques that will constantly call on her imagination ...Never installed in a comfort zone, in this series she will work on colors and textures, purify her compositions, move further and further away from figuration to approach the abstract which will always call on memories, on an alternation strong feelings of serenity or questions.Dreams and light are always present in his compositions for an effect of well-being that will emerge in your interior
DYANI's paintings have received several awards, and have been acquired by many collectors in the USA, Canada, England, Switzerland, France, Germany and Israel.
She has exhibited in different countries in personal exhibitions and regularly participates in competitions where she regularly obtains prizes and publications.
Always eager for new challenges, she does not hesitate to take a break to embark on other series so as never to settle into a creative routine, but her very particular and very own style identifies her immediately and her signature is immediately recognizable.